Welcome to the SUPERLOAD online permitting system. This site issues permits for oversize / overweight vehicles along state routes only.
For any single permit request that utilize county/local route segments to connect between state routes, the permit request should identify the connecting routes(county/local) in comment area when sent for review. Requests without this information will be returned/denied.

Permit requests for County, Local or toll roads are handled through those respective agencies. To access contact information for County and Local authorities Click Here

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For inquiries concerning logins, waiver requests, clearance issues, or operation of the site, please contact NJDOTs Trucking Services Permit Office at 609-530-6089 during normal business hours of 7:00 am- 3:30 pm.
You may also email us at: superload.permits@dot.state.nj.us

For emergencies after hours, during weekends or holidays, please call NJDOT's Incident Management Office at 609-588-6212.

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A new release to this website will be coming shortly. This release will include several enhancements to the Login Process, Permit Types, and Vehicle Configuration section of the permit application process that will help the Permit Office process permit applications and provide additional functionality to Carriers/Permit Services. These enhancements are expected to be pushed out to the live site in the middle of April. The actual date of the release will be posted in the bulletin section of the homepage once it is determined.

A summary of the upcoming enhancements and any additional information that may be required by the permit application process can be found in the link below. Please review this document to familiarize yourself with the changes prior to their release.

Click Here for Summary of Upcoming Enhancements Upcoming Enhancements
*** Training Videos ***
Short Training Videos are now available. Click the following links to watch the specific session. Please let us know what you think and what other sessions you would like to see.

How to Get a Login
Understanding the Different Routing Options
Text Description Based Routing
Picking Route Segments Routing
Automated Origin / Destination Routing
Off / On Status System Routing - Using Local Roads

More routing help available here

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